(Sexy) Song of the Day: Edith Piaf “C’est Merveilleux”

I just spent the last few hours writing an article about Paris, a city i’ve never had the good fortune to visit (but now really, really want to). As a result, I have instantly been hit with a good dose of romantic thought. I know I don’t really talk much about romance on here, but I do recognize that it can be sexy from time to time. Unlike my last (S)SOTD, this is not a hot, bump-n-grind, get freaky with the handcuffs kind of song. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not sexy either. The thing about sexy is that it can be all kinds of things. And because i’ve been listening to Edith Piaf all night in order to summon the muses for my writing, I finally discovered this song:


Upon first listen, I didn’t think it anything exceptional. But then I started really listening. And then I looked up the lyrics. My French, well, c’est horrible at the moment, so I did ask Google Translate to help me out a bit. Piecing it’s rough translation with my own translation, the song took on a whole new meaning. And then it seemed like the perfect predecessor to the kind of sex that comes with longing, the kind that happens when you finally see someone again after days or weeks or months or years. The kind where the instant your eyes meet, it’s like time never passed, and the chemistry overwhelms you as your mouths reach out, inhaling the scent of the one you missed so much. The kind where you kiss frantically for fear that it might all be a dream as you both fall in to bed, clutching at those last remaining articles of clothing. And the chorus hits and the goosebumps spread throughout your bodies as you take pause to smile at how perfect the moment it, how good your bodies can feel to one another.

Goddamn am I romantic at 3am… Maybe it’s the delirium setting in. Regardless, this is a damn good song and one that could be used for more “special occasion” sexy times. I’ll have to be sure to throw it on a playlist for the day I find the great shag of my life somewhere in the streets of Paris. It’s gotta happen sometime, right?

The Amazing Edith Piaf

Anyway, lyrics can be found below in French (do your own damn translation). Enjoy!

Le jour où tu m’as rencontrée
Etait un jour triste à mourir
Et je traînais dans mes pensées
Un ennui à n’en plus finir
Mais il a suffi que tu viennes
Pour que j’oublie toutes mes peines

C’est merveilleux
Quand on est tous les deux
Le bonheur nous surveille
C’est merveilleux
Quand on est amoureux
Les beaux jours se réveillent
C’est merveilleux
La vie est peinte en bleu
A grands coups de soleil
Puisque je t’aime et que tu m’aimes
C’est merveilleux

Nous passerons toute la vie
A chanter un si grand amour
Pour une chanson si jolie
La vie n’a pas assez de jours
Nous en ferons une harmonie
Qui ne sera jamais finie