About Me

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves (Santa Monica Pier; Los Angeles, CA – March 2005)

Up til recently, I was a wanderlusting, booze-drinking, hyper-single, twenty-something social butterfly writing about my misadventures while out at bars, shows, and other such venues.

But life changes sometimes.

I still love the things I used to love, but now i’m engaged to be married to a really fantastic sports-loving, Guinness-drinking, web developing “European milkshake” named J.B., with whom I am expecting my first taste of immortality. In other words, I’m pregnant! Life isn’t exactly turning out the way I imagined, but its full of really exciting new developments and I look forward to more travels, more drinking (think less Jameson and more Shirley Temples, at least until I pop!), and more exploring with a really rad guy by my side and a squishy little alien in my belly.

I’ll still reminisce about my crazier “single” days, but there will definitely be a new perspective in the mix, and i’m excited to see what kinds of shenanigans motherhood will bring about. My writing, of course, will always be high on the list of priorities.

Any questions? Drop me a line: priskillingly@gmail.com or follow me on one of those fun, stalker-y social media pages we’re all on 😉


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