10 Minute Moments: I was too shy to take your picture.

I was hanging out with a friend yesterday watching Pecker, my very first John Waters movie. Aside from being hilarious and having a fantastic cast, and just being an overall enjoyable movie, it made me once again realize how many opportunities I’ve failed to capture on film.

I used to carry my camera around all the time. Certain years of my life (like 2005, for example) are heavily documented in images, and I love being able to go back to those images, to have a visual cue triggering all those memories.

Last year when I was traveling, I did my best to take as many pictures as possible, but I know I failed at documenting everything the way I wanted to. I forgot to take my SLR camera and only took my digital. The digital doesn’t inspire me to shoot the way my Canon Rebel does. It’s just so disconnected.

I love shooting with my SLR because I feel more involved in the image. One of my favorite things to do when I’m with someone and have my SLR on me is to keep the camera up and pointed at them for at least 5 or 10 minutes without really shooting anything. My friends for the most part tend to be shy at first when the camera is pointed at them, and I like to give them time to relax so that I can finally start taking the kinds of pictures of them I want to take. I love being very involved in portraits. It’s always an intimate rush to share my vision of someone with that same person. There’s just a connection there that develops, regardless of whether they’re a close friend or a one night stand.

I know I’m working on this procrastination project, so I think that this might be a good part of it. I’ve been discussing for a while now that I want to get back in to photography. I took a few pictures in the past few weeks but I’ve since run out of film. I’d like to make a list of people whose portraits I want to take. I’m not sure how it’ll work out since some of these people aren’t anywhere near me. On top of this, my biggest challenge is getting over being shy about taking pictures. So many times i’ve found myself wanting to take a picture of someone but being too scared of what they might think or read in to it when all I want to do is capture a moment in an image. I’ll definitely need to work on that. I’ll post progress as it comes.

I just went 6 minutes past the 10 minute mark. Damnit.


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