January 3rd was our first cold, winter day.

a winter day in miami that involved all of the following:

walking through trails branching off to faux crime scenes
taped off with beer bottles and condoms, and rusted tin cans
and plastic bags, now emptied of their important contents;
the good times that have been that have since been forgotten

plus it involved the desire to  discover new lands
my friend and I, walking sticks in hand,
seeking answers from within canopies of tropical trees
and from the ingestion of temperate remedies;
meanwhile, the palm fronds enjoying the brisk air under blue sky

and then working up an appetite
for a nice piece of new york style cheesecake,
strawberry sauce and whipped cream;
and she got the hot chocolate and I
bought a coffee with 3x the sugar
and half and half
and it felt good to enjoy the weather for once


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