Meet Me In St. Louis

I’ve got about 8 or so hours left in Chicago. I’m hungry, my head hurts, and I can’t sleep. I’m attributing the insomnia to the fact that I’ve been in a sloth like state all day thanks to last night’s shenanigans in Wicker Park. Tomorrow i’ll be heading in to St. Louis, stop #5 on my U.S. tour! I’ve never been to St. Lou but I’m looking forward to being in a city where I practically know no one (my friend Sam lives there but we haven’t hung out since our friend Haley tried to set us up when we were in highschool – considering I’m a lazy vegetarian and he’s an outdoors-y fishing enthusiast, it didn’t work out in that department).

I’ll be CouchSurfing it once again, which I’m really looking forward to. After my experiences with Katia and Noel in Pittsburgh, my hopes are pretty high that it’ll be great times with my new host – Kelly N. Kelly N. plays the trumpet and likes nerdy things and wears ties in her pictures and I have a good feeling we’ll get along just fine.

Looking up some St. Lou info, so far I know I have to see the Arch, cause, well yeah. I also want to try to take a day trip to see the Cahokia Mounds, and if I feel extra spendy and find someone to go with, I’d like to hit up the St. Lou Six Flags for some unabashed tourist fun a la roller coasters. And then the rest of the time, i’ll probably just explore the local haunts, maybe look in to a museum (since I somehow missed out on all but one Chicago museum thanks to being too broke and not crafty enough for the majority of my stay).

I’ll be taking the Greyhound into STL for a good 5 hours… which I am NOT looking forward to, since I felt a little motion sickness on my last 2 bus trips. I’ll have to write up a comparative piece on the MegaBus vs. Greyhound experience soon…

I think so far my favorite thing about traveling is meeting a random local who is totally in love with their city and wants to tell me all about how amazing it is. People have some serious love for their hometowns, and Chicago was no exception. Last night, I chatted with an absurdly beautiful man at a bar that was playing salsa music and serving “gourmet croquettas” that had some kind of bizarre orange sauce on top (the Miami snob in me giggled at this). He works changing out vending machines and bartends on the weekends at a dive in Lincoln Park (which sounds like an oxymoron to me). He was really excited when I told him I was from Miami and he went on for about an hour or longer about the wonders of Chicago, about fine dining, about how he doesn’t understand my new love of Malort, about how he hates being judged on his looks (this was later in the eve, deeper into the drinks), and how he thinks people should just be nice and good folks, which is always nice to hear from strangers. I’m hoping that the people of STL don’t end this trend of drunken conversation.

For now, it’s time to grab about 4-5 hours of sleep before the next journey begins!

So long, Chicago! I’ll write about you soon!

PS. Considering the lack of sleep, I think I’m going to have to mail out my Chicago postcards from Missouri…


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