Compare and Contrast #2 – Jolene

I absolutely love this song. I absolutely love this song. Did I mention I absolutely LOVE this song?

Alright, so I forget how I stumbled on to it for the first time. I think it was a random YouTube search and it was the first time I heard, really heard, Dolly Parton sing. The way she belts out this song crushes my heart every single time. I can never just hear it one time and it’s just the kind of song that gets better with repeated hearings (is that the correct phrasing?)

Anyway, I picked out a couple covers of Jolene that i’ve found over time (apparently there are a TON). You tell me. Does Dolly’s voice do it for you or do you thing someone else gets the essence even better? Here’s Ms. Parton’s golden voice:

and a few others. First up, The White Stripes:

Sisters of Mercy:

Strawberry Switchblade:

Sherrie Austin:

Olivia Newton-John:

Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons:

Mindy Smith:

Darcy Clay:

Danny Cavanagh and Anneke Van Giersbergen:

Sophie Ellis-Bexter:

Is there a cover you think should be up here that I missed? Did some of these just butcher the song or do they all do it justice in their own way? Discuss!

And finally, for kicks (this isn’t actually a cover), a Cake song by the same name:


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